Are Regional Sports Networks Going Away?

Broadcast sports media is changing rapidly. Part of that change is the way we watch our local teams. Regional Sports Networks seem to be teetering. What will the future hold? It’s difficult to predict with certainty whether regional sports networks (RSNs) will fail or not, as the success of these networks depends on several factors […]

Why Netflix Should Stream Live Sports

Netflix will play a huge role in how people consume video content in the 21st century. Currently, it stands as the leader in streaming subscribers in the United States. As of the end of 2022, Netflix reported having 278 million paid subscribers worldwide. This includes subscribers in more than 190 countries where the service is […]

Explaining Sports Broadcast Blackout Rules

A sports television blackout occurs when a live sports event is not available for broadcast in a particular area or region. This blackout can occur for a variety of reasons, including contractual agreements, league policies, and broadcast regulations.