Why California’s Competing Sports Betting Proposals Failed Miserably

Ouch. The voters in California rejected sports betting like Kim to Kanye at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Pass the mased potatoes? Nah, get your own spuds, Yeezy.

When, if ever, will California pass legal sports betting? The state is the sixth-largest economy in the world. That means there are oodles of dollars at stake. Sooner or later, you put a billion here and a billion there, and you’re talking real money.

Cali voters have been asked how they feel about sports betting. They reportedly favor it. They just didn’t like either of the ballot proposals available in November. Thumbs down, thumbs down: that was the message for state legislators, native tribal leaders, and sports betting companies.

Why Voters Rejected Prop 26 and Prop 27

There have been several sports betting proposals in California in recent years, and the reasons for their failure may vary depending on the specific proposal in question. However, in general, one reason why sports betting has not yet been legalized in California is due to disagreements over the details of the proposals.

One of the main issues is whether to allow online and mobile sports betting or restrict it to physical sportsbooks at tribal casinos and horse racing tracks. Many tribal casinos have opposed online betting, as they believe it could hurt their brick-and-mortar operations. There have also been disagreements over the proposed tax rate on sports betting revenue and how to allocate the revenue generated by sports betting.

Additionally, the legalization of sports betting in California would require a constitutional amendment, which would need to be approved by voters in a statewide ballot initiative. Some analysts have suggested that voter attitudes towards gambling may be more conservative in California compared to other states, which could make it more difficult to pass a sports betting initiative.

Overall, the failure of sports betting proposals in California can be attributed to a complex mix of political, economic, and social factors, and it remains to be seen whether and when sports betting will be legalized in the state.